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Cait Devin's sound is a blend of rock, metal, punk, and pop elements, reaching a diverse range of audiences. Some exciting highlights include performing alongside Stephen Perkins of rock band Jane's Addiction and hosting several music festivals. At 16, Cait became a SAMMY's People's Choice Finalist in New York before having a record out. That same year at 16, she booked her first Nashville tour and released her first solo EP. While working on several bands and collaborative projects throughout the years (including youtuber Jared Dines) Cait's solo work continues.


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Woody's Pub & Grub

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Mattydale, NY

Devinity Reign (full band) and Cait Devin (solo unplugged)

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New Metallica cover with Jared Dines up on Youtube Now! Be sure to check that out on his channel - stay tuned for updated shows in New York before Cait's move to Seattle. 

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I'm so excited to share all of what summer has to bring. I guess you could say... I'm VERY excited!! I enjoy talking to my supporters, so hit me up, leave a message! We're in this together! Rock on :)