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Creating hope one step at a time.

"Shredding for Hope" series to benefit There with Care, a charity that provides resources to children facing critical illness, was the first step in Cait's charity work endeavors. 

Cait recruited notable players such as: Jinxx of Black Veil Brides, Jen Majura of Evanescence, Joel Hoekstra of White Snake / Trans Siberian Orchestra / Cher, Jared Dines, Stevie T, Bill Hudson of Northtale, Rob Chapman, Kiki Wongo, Sophie Burrell, Alicia Vigil of Dragonfoce / Vigil of War, and many more to join forces for the cause. With three giant collaborations & 30 or more shredders on each, they reached about one million views combined, spreading great awareness for There with Care. (Can be found on Bradley Hall Guitar's Youtube page.) 

Cait soon branched off into organizing live stream benefits with popular instagram account Female Rockers, recruiting and interviewing artists such as girl group The Pumps. Alongside this, Cait has also done work for blossoming platform "The Avenue," with guitar stars Michael Angelo Batio, the Grammy Award Winning Larry Mitchell, and more. 

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Meet Cait Devin. Singer songwriter, musician, model (Star System Management), interviewer for Guitar World, host of IG Live Series Communicait, and Entrepreneur

Cait considers music to be her "core" amongst other passions  such as artwork, acting, and modeling. Though primarily alt pop her roots are in contemporary, rock, and more, exposing her to a wide range of audiences & listeners. At the age of 16 Cait began booking in NYC and Nashville without management, and has gained exposure on KISS FM, iHeart Radio, Wish USA, News Channel 12, 95X Radio, and many more.

Due to suffering from a rare nerve condition, trigeminal neuralgia, Caits story was shared nationally on Spectrum News. Without spreading the word on rare / critical illness, Cait feels as though her work is "all in vain." 

This lead to the start of her Youtube series "Shredding for Hope" with Bradley Hall Guitar to benefit There with Care. In total, the series has racked up almost one million views. Some players Cait recruited include Jinxx of Black Veil Brides, Jen Majura of Evanescence, Joel Hoekstra of White Snake, and almost 100 high profile guitarists. featured Cait as "the guitar community's most charitable new player." 

One of her most recent endeavors is selling out the Viper Room in Hollywood CA - her first west coast show. Cait is excited to carry on with music and other creative projects, and plans to travel out of Upstate NY for shows in 2023

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Many shows are being booked for 2022 the Upstate / Central New York region! Come hang and peep the schedule for some live music - stay tuned for new releases :)

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