Cait Devin


"Just keep playing" - Cait's amibtion has been her driving force since the start of her career in rock music. Known for adding a unique spin on every cover song, Cait is also prolific in writing originals inspired by artists like Alice Cooper, the Cranberries, and Metallica. Through blending rock, metal, punk, and pop elements to her music, she reaches a diverse range of audiences. A SAMMY's People's Choice finalist in New York at age 16 before having a record out, Cait is always promoting and practicing her craft when not playing shows. That same year in 2018, her first EP "Gemini Rising" was released. "Some exciting highlights so far have been hosting my own festivals, and performing alongside Stephen Perkin's of rock band Jane's Addiction as well. That was a blast," says Cait. Her journey began wirh singing at talent shows and recitals at age 10, but when she was given her first guitar later in her teens, everything clicked. What started out as strumming hard on the acoustic turned into shredding on her signature SG with her band Devinity Reign. At the end of the day, Cait Devin is a passionate singer songwriter who adds a heavy spin on all of her music. 



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