Cait Devin

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Lead vocals of Devinity Reign. 

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Cait Devin's sound is a blend of rock, metal, punk, and pop elements, reaching a diverse range of audiences. Some exciting highlights include performing alongside Stephen Perkins of rock band Jane's Addiction and hosting several music festivals. At 16, Cait became a SAMMY's People's Choice Finalist in New York before having a record out. That same year at 16, she booked her first Nashville tour and released her first solo EP "Gemini Rising." Now fronting Devinity Reign, Cait's unique vocal style is brought to life with the power of a full band. 


Press Release

What's next for Cait Devin for the summer of 2019 includes a full band EP (to be released in late June or July). The full band, otherwise known as Devinity Reign, will also be releasing a series of music videos throughout the summer and fall season. The group is in the process of organizing a CD release concert at the Lost Horizon in Syracuse. Though the band life is busy recording and performing, Cait also plans to keep at it with solo acoustic (unplugged) appearances frequently in upstate NY. Both unplugged and full band shows can be found under the events section.

In early July, Cait Devin will be heading out of New York for her mini Nashville tour. This includes several show collaborations with rock artist Jesse Kramer from Fox's "The Four." Stay tuned for more updates as they will be announced soon. 

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