Cait Devin

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Vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, and model. Now 18, "Just keep playing" has been Cait's driving force since the start of her career.  One to dabble in many genres, Cait has written hundreds of songs- many inspired by 80's / 90's artists such as Incubus, Alice Cooper, Metallica, and the Cranberries. However, Cait's sound is also heavily influenced by modern contemporary/ pop artists including Avril Lavigne, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, giving her music that relatable and soulful punch. She has been featured on some of Upstate New York's top radio stations- KROCK, KISS FM, and 92.7 The Drive. Through blending rock, alt, indie, blues, and pop elements to her music, she reaches a diverse range of audiences. Cait was a SAMMY's People's Choice finalist in New York at age 16 before having a record out and was "Extraordinary Talent of The Week" on TV in Syracuse. That same year, her first solo demo EP "Gemini Rising" was released and her first Nashville tour was booked. Some notable highlights include performing alongside Stephen Perkins of rock band Jane's Addiction, working with Youtuber Jared Dines, hosting her own music festivals, and performing / modeling for CNY Fashion week. At the end of the day, Cait Devin is a passionate singer songwriter and instrumentalist- always ready to take on the industry with a positive and determined to succeed mindset. 


Press Release

Welcome to Cait Devin's press release!


Live shows- Cait will be opening for rock band, September Mourning alongside Madame Mayhem, American Grim, and Gravity February 20th at Average Joe's Beernasium in NY. 

Cait Devin plans on releasing an acoustic album / unplugged series on Spotify and all digital platforms. Alongside her acoustic style, she is also working on several shred collabs as a separate project with guitarists such as Connor Kaminski, Jesse Michel, and many more. Stay updated with Cait on all social media platforms for daily updates and more! 


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I'm so excited to share all of what summer has to bring. I guess you could say... I'm VERY excited!! I enjoy talking to my supporters, so hit me up, leave a message! We're in this together! Rock on :)